Hey there! I'm Leo, the creator of Decisionlog. I created Decisionlog after first discovering Chris Evans' open-source decision Slack app. As it lacked support for Gitlab, I started a fork, and extended the core.

We started using the app at Jobilla because we found that we kept making decisions on-the-fly in Slack, and tracking them down after the fact was a pain; even though a written record existed (in the form of a Slack message), you ended up needing someone that was involved in the decision to actually find it. It wasn't sustainable, so we started using Chris' Slack app to store these decisions in a Git repository for posterity.

The plugin served us well at work, but I wanted to take it further. The first part of that was to make it available to everyone, so I created the hosted version of the app, which this website is dedicated to. The app still relies on the open source core, but has some added functionality to make it work as a published Slack app.